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Technology Solutions

Applications that boost productivity

Make BIG IDEAS a reality! Whether you need to automate a process or simplify an arduous task, building smart business applications can solve your most complex problems.

Web Apps

We create custom web applications built to handle your most demanding tasks and processes to help your business and customers thrive!

Data Analytics

Analyzing critical data so your organization can make better business decisions.

Database Design

Eliminate redundancy and ensure data accuracy. Database design and consultation to boost workflows and processes.

Mobile First

User experience design built on responsive architecture to adapt to today's devices.

Our Services Include:

Beauty In Simple Things

Why over complicate something that doesn't need to be complicated? We engineer your application to deliver exceptional results for all involved.

The Tools We Use

We deploy the right tools to craft a soltuion to meet your needs. These often include: PHP, AngularJS, Backbone, MySQL, Python, Raspberry Pi, MongoDB, Digital Ocean, WordPress, RESTful API and more

Project Blog

Discussions reviewing our recent projects and work.

jQuery Page Scroll Position Indicator – Reading Progress

Quick Intro: Page scroll position indicator gives the user a sense of where they are when scrolling through a page/article.  Working Demo

I’ve been using nProgress.js for years now on AJAX triggered pages/events as it offers some really nice loading effects on dynamic pages.  This gives you a YouTube style loading page indicator on static or AJAX data loads.


Easy Drag and Drop HTML Table Rows With jQuery

Quick Intro: Drag and Drop, re-ordering of HTML Table Rows.  Working Demo

I love simple, easy things and love even more when those things involve programming!   When needing to re-arrange table rows in an HTML table via drag & drop UI/UX, it doesn’t get much easier than jQuery UI.  This basic library make this task so quick you can move on to more pressing issues.  Here is the working demo. (more…)

Ajax refresh PHP on Interval

Here is a quick little snippet on refreshing a PHP script into an HTML page element using AJAX and automating it with setInterval: