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Wrapping up this Dark Sky Forecast.io Weather API example we take all the data and begin to display it in the final product.  The working demo can be seen here and source files can be downloaded as well.  Part 1 & Part 2 can be used for background to this point. (more…)

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Continuing on from Part 1 of this series, we will now look at translating the data into some functional uses.  In Part 3 we will finish everything off into a nice front-end display for the viewer.

From the Forecast.io API docs there are several available libraries and wrappers to use covering a number (more…)

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I had a recent client request to build some basic weather data into their site.  Wondering how I would tackle this I quickly came across Forecast.io after seeing the data being used on their hugely popular app named Dark Sky.

In this series I will discuss how to access and (more…)

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I came across this handy PHP script while looking for methods to handle historical time stamps.  This is similar to how Facebook or Instagram display the age of a post in minutes, hours, days etc. since it was published.  I am using this in an upcoming project so hope its handy for someone else as well. (more…)

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We recently completed our latest customer project and are thrilled to share in the excitement of it’s launch!  A link to the customer’s site is below so feel free to check it out.

We wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the key areas that were developed in close communication with the client.  These are the areas we feel standout in regards to this project.


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Purpose: Build a shopping list web app working with AngularJS, MySQL and Bootstrap.  See the working sample here.  Download the project files here.

I am quickly trying to learn AngularJS for an upcoming project and I wanted to work with the framework to create something I can learn with.  I chose to make a very quick and easy shopping list web app for my family (more…)

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I don’t dive too deeply into WordPress all that often for various reasons, but WP is certainly the most popular CMS out there and is hard to ignore in the world of web development.  For some client projects, it’s almost hard not to use WordPress since so much of the work is done already for certain project needs and is very user friendly for the end-user to update later on. (more…)

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Purpose: Display live market data with Yahoo’s Finance API using JSON and jQuery.  See the working example.

I needed a way to display live market data on a client website for displaying to visitors. Since there was no possibility or need for subscribing to any expensive data service to provide brokerage class market data, I needed to find some solutions. (more…)

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