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I needed to sort out a way to process multiple RSS/XML feeds into manageable lists of articles.  I figured the easiest way to tackle this was to use PHP’s built in SimpleXML feature.  SimpleXML provides an easy way of getting an element’s name, attributes and textual content if you know the XML document’s structure or layout.  By calling the simplexml_load_file()  function we can interpret the XML file as an object and extract from it. (more…)

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Purpose: Create easy to use charts for tracking commodity price data using JSON and PHP with the Charts.js library.  See the working example.  Download the complete project files.

For a recent project we wanted to create a chart to track various commodity data, oil price being one of them.  The trick was not necessarily how to display the chart (which we will cover), but rather where to get this data. (more…)

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Purpose: To create a simple and clean data table that accesses a MySQL database in real-time to query a search.  See the full working example.

Without getting too far into the finer details of why this was created, lets just keep it at the fact we needed to solve a problem and knew it could be done better programatically. (more…)

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I started messing with the Strava API this week in an effort to bring biking data into a recent online space. The data from the API is basic and nothing overly complicated.  One issue was sorting out functions to convert the various units of measure to a more readable format. (more…)

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